Annual Credit Report

Every year, everyone in the UK is allowed to view their credit report for free. The government has determined that this is important enough that all people should be allowed to view the report that tells them about their credit. Therefore, it is important to try to take advantage of this and look at your report at least once per year.

The credit report is probably the most important financial document in one’s financial life. It is something that shows you exactly how well (or how poorly) you have managed your debt and how credit worthy future lenders are going to consider you as a result of this past. Those who are in the camp where they have not taken care of their debts well in the past need to start making amendments to the way that they have been spending to get back to a better credit score. It really is as simple as that.

The annual credit report that you are looking at is completely unique to you. There is nothing in it that is going to be generalized to other people. It is also completely private and completely up to you as to who you share that information with (if anyone).

Many will guide you to view your report on a computer that has printing capabilities. This is because you are only guaranteed the one free view of your report. If you do not have a way to print it out, then the one time that you view it is the only chance that you are going to get to look at this material for free for the rest of the year. Therefore, make sure you have a computer with printing capabilities so you can print off the report for future reference should you need it.

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